Casio watches are some of the most affordable watches ever, they have set the bars of trends higher than ever before. Casio watches not only provide a sporty, classy of more vibrantly designed watches but also has a completely sought collection. They are known for being the technological trendsetters across the globe. Because of high affordability, they have also captured a wider market in comparison to many other brands. By designing watches especially for a specific sport and adventure such as trekking, racing, diving, etc is again a bang for the brand. It has now become a trusted brand because of the quality and price range that they have been offering. The Watch Factory is here brings to you the best collection of Casio watches to choose from. Along with 8 premium Brand name stores in Jaipur, we bring to you the retail outlet of internationally renowned watch brands and accessories of other luxury brands offering you with a wide collection of watches to choose from in the most magnificent range. We bring to you 100% authentic and genuine collection at stores, visit your nearest store today.
The very popular Casio collection includes Baby G, Classic, Dress, Edifice, Enticer, G Shock, Outdoor, Pro Trek, and Sheen.

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Casio A158WA-1

1,295.00 1,166.00

Casio AE-1000W-3AV

2,995.00 2,396.00

Casio AE-1000WD-1AV

3,295.00 2,966.00

Casio AE-1100WD-1AV


Casio B640WB-1A

4,995.00 3,497.00

Casio B640WD-1AV

2,195.00 1,975.00

Casio EF-334D-1AV

6,995.00 6,296.00

Casio EF-558D-7AV

12,995.00 10,396.00

Casio EF-558SG-1AV

13,995.00 12,596.00

Casio EFR-526D-5AV


Casio EFR-526L-1AV

6,495.00 5,846.00

Casio EFR-526L-1BV


Casio EFR-539BK-1A2V

11,995.00 10,796.00

Casio EFR-539D-7AV


Casio EFR-539L-5AV

8,495.00 7,646.00

Casio EFR-539SG-7A5V

11,995.00 10,796.00