Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch

Newly launched Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch - Genuine review by the watch factory

As the world is becoming more fond of smartwatches, the American Brand, Fossil is leaning on the most modern techs to make its footprints more powerful. If we look more precisely, we all want to have the freshest in our hands. Therefore, Fossil has lately introduced the best smartwatch of the year, 'Fossil Gen 6' in India. It is released with incredible hardware upgrades over the previous designs to please and ease the necessities of smartwatch lovers. 

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch


Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch - A new way of living

This new launch of Fossil is truly exciting with the tango of more dynamic functions and innovative features. And don't worry, the company has not removed the features you loved about fossil gen 5, instead, they have made it faster and superior toM  before. Now the latest gen 6 fulfils every aspect of your daily requirement in an enhanced way. The bumped-up functionalities have made this Fossil Gen 6, a deserving leader in the smartwatch industry.

The handsome fossil gen 6 is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100+ chipset. It enables you to have your data handy and always available to use with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage.


Why you should have the Fossil Gen 6?

No doubt, the latest innovation of fossil is worth the hype. We will tell you how. 

The brand itself declared that this smartwatch is the best result of their designers' and developers' tough grind. Their concentration directly pointed towards producing a blend of high techs and modern style. This up-gradation has worth-buying features that are sure to amaze fossil lovers. We will further reveal the awe-inspiring features below.

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Majestic features of Fossil Gen 6 

While we are so much into smartwatches, it has made us much intrigued to see what more they can give us. As the popular American brand feels you, they have released this new smartwatch with super convenient features that no other watch already has. 

  1. When we look into the features of all smartwatches, we will see that Fossil Gen 6 comes with two times faster-charging speed. It takes just 30 mins (80% charged) to get ready for the whole day. This makes it easier and convenient for those who follow a tight schedule. And if you have charged it 100%, it will not blink red for more than 24 hours. In addition, the watch consists the various battery-saving modes that will smartly reduce battery consumption.
  2. Second, the watch is upgraded with a new SpO2 sensor. Isn't it exciting for you? This wonderful feature enables you to know how well your body is circulating oxygen by estimating your blood oxygen measurements.
  3. Not to forget, the upgraded version of the fossil smartwatch holds the enhanced sensor that tracks the continuous heart rate more efficiently and accurately in varied situations.
  4. We are not finished yet because Fossil generation 6 has more to offer you. The developers have installed a wellness app with a concern to allow you to track your activities. Living in this busy world, you can now monitor your health in real-time by knowing your sleeping patterns, learning your cardio fitness levels, learning about the burnt calories, and so on. Hence, with the launch of mind-blowing wearable technology in the form of fossil gen 6, know that you can see the statistics faster and enhance the healthy way of living. We would like to tell you that first-party health software is quite limited which makes gen 6 more worthy.
  5. Apart from the above, the watch factory is offering this with a big bucket of sensors like Gyroscope, HRM, altimeter, compass, accelerometer, as well as an off-body IR sensor.


Some more brilliant features of the best smartwatch of 2021:

  • This wearable device covers your arms with a 1.28-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a charming display and sharp appearance. And you will not have to squeeze your eyes to see the screen in the sunlight because the watch has perfect visibility in any light.
  • The specialized thing is that fossil has made the Gen 6 compatible with wear OS 3, Google’s latest system update. Therefore, it is already qualified for the system update in 2022 and will work fluently with the latest android versions and iOS. 
  • The facility of Bluetooth v5.0 allows the wearer to enjoy the facility of calls via speakerphone and mic. So, it is so smooth to have such a feature in your hand.


Fossil Generation 6 design and color

You cannot deny that this new launch of fossil is amazingly beautiful and unique with a rotating home button and 2 configurable power buttons. It is sure to attract the surrounded eye at least once. Also, you can now easily match your look of the day with the customized dial. 

Moreover, the American brand has offered this smartwatch in two different variants. The 42 mm case is available in 4 mesmerizing colors while the 44 mm case is offered in two wonderful hues. The options of wearable are:

  • Smoke Stainless Steel, 
  • Brown Leather, 
  • Green Camo Grosgrain,
  • Gold/Purple options.


Price of latest Fossil gen 6 smartwatch

Fossil's generation 6 is available with Rs 23,995 for the 42mm model and Rs 24,995 for the 44mm that may vary according to the offers and stores.

To be honest, this version is worth buying as it has realistic features that will truly help you countless times in your daily schedules.



The watch factory is honoured to offer the Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch for the people who love to possess stylish stuff that also eases human necessities. Now, that the watch has amazing features, it is offering a highly responsive user interface. The admirers of Google Wear OS won't miss this supreme version of Fossil smartwatches.

We believe, this super watch is worth buying to fulfil your cravings for being the trendiest.


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