• Crisp, bright display

• Plenty of great watch faces preinstalled

• Useful custom battery modes

• GPS, NFC, and heart rate sensor

• Accurate fitness tracking

• Receive or reply to texts with a tap

• Connects with WiFi and Bluetooth

• 8 GB of storage

• Built-in speakers

Fossil has been a big and popular brand for ages. Its timeless design is an inspiration for both men and women which is a reliable source for anyone contemplating a Wear OS timepiece.

One of the greatest entries - The Fossil Gen 5 - is best to please the eye. Powered with Wear OS by Google, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android users. In this busy world, now it is too easy to get things done on your wrist. For example:- you can keep a trail of running to sleep tracking, it is all so easy and informative in a single tap. In addition, color variants like Rose Gold, Black, and so on are perfect to match your style and personality. 

The stainless steel case of Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 is 44 mm which means you can easily see the display at all times with minimal hassle. Moreover, its interchangeable strap is 22 mm that is available in the leather version as well. Once you will look into its features, this incredible smartwatch will give you the classic experience.

The Design

• Trendy subtle design

• Large display

• Easy to change straps

One of the best qualities of Fossil Gen 5 is that it is suitable for every occasion, so you will not have to get so confused about matching things at the last moment. 

Moving further, this smartwatch Gen 5 comes with three side buttons in which the middle button is a rotating crown for simple scrolling through options available in the watch. The other two buttons work well for shortcuts. One goes straight to the Fossil app and another activates category settings by default. However, you can change these options as per your preferences.

Additionally, voice and touch screen are the key inputs of the Fossil Smartwatch.

Not to finish yet, the back of the watch contains an optical heart rate monitor that functions as the perfect resting place for the magnetic charging puck.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 display

• The wholly circular watch face

• 1.28-inch AMOLED display

• Luminous and vibrant

• 8 GB Storage

Coming to the attractive appearance showcasing on the wrist, the Fossil watch's display is perfectly made for higher functioning. The display is bigger and brighter with a resolution of 416 x 416 and a pixel density of 328ppi.

Besides, its 8 GB storage allows the user to download more apps and music. Interestingly, gamers now can play without the worries of bad performance.

Fossil - Since its inception

In the 1980s, an American fashion watch brand that we known as Fossil was founded by Tom Kartsotis in Dallas, Texas. It was the time when fashion watches gaining importance in the department store accessory assortments. Tom Kartsotis mainly focused on selling fashionable and on-trend watches. Therefore, the first Fossil® brand watches came into being in the year 1985.

Now that we all know the name, Fossil - It is the most popular brand specialized in the design, innovation, and marketing of fashion lifestyle and accessory products. Particularly looking into the watch business, the Fossil brand has rooted its footsteps in authenticity and a distinctive vintage-inspired design. 

In the starting, the company started fabricating retro-style timepieces. They were offered at low to moderate prices which appealed to consumers ranging from teenagers to thirty-somethings. The brand never disappoints in offering creative and unique designs with all new techs and features.

Along with other accessory items, Fossil is an internationally known brand that deals with eye-catching and world-class designs that include high-tech smartwatches. This American brand knows how to make an impression, thus, it uses tins and wooden boxes with cool graphics. Therefore, this packaging also makes the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones.

Fossil is continually growing with the adaptation of advanced technology and fashionable trends without losing its vintage style.

How you can Identify your Fossil marks?

To identify the Original Fossil wristwatches, one must look at the brand name printed on the dial in capital letters. In addition, some of its watches are created with features inherent that include model imprints.

Note: You must always buy the branded watch from the authentic store.

Fossil Gen 5 at the Watch Factory

While exploring the Fossil watch collection, you will find precisely hand-crafted designs to suit every personality. Therefore, it is no more a headache-forming process when it comes to selecting the right product for your style. We have a wide variety of Fossil smartwatches that offer special techs to meet the needs of today's world. Yet we are so fond of Fossil Smartwatches that embrace the new technology without losing the old touch. 

Fossil always adopts new features that perfectly go with the claims of its users. Also, the look it has is something astonishing and fantastic. 

You can choose the unique timeless piece from your Favorite American brand, Fossil. The Gen 5 is available in many colors that are made for every personality. If you do not believe us, you can explore the website.

Just on the one tap, you will catch a glimpse of many wonderful hues that are sure to appeal to you.

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