Introducing The Rado True Square 2021

Unquestionably, when it gets to luxurious watches, Rado is apparently the first word that strikes our minds. 

Skeleton watches for men and women are a novel addition to Rado's greatest collection. Its features and mechanics are as good as its stylish dial. There is a noticeable barrel in the C07 automatic movement at its core that offers an extended power reserve of up to 80 hours. Therefore, Rado has completely enfolded it with modern technologies that are meant to satisfy the entire human race. The exposed open heart skeleton watch's appearance is stunning and remarkable. With four Color variants, the watch is 9.7 mm thick and has a 50 m water-resistant case. Rado has classically crafted the true square watches with the anti-reflective coating of Sapphire crystal. Also, the open heart watch offers a Transparent sapphire case back made with High-tech ceramic.

True Square Automatic Open Heart | RADO® Watches
Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart R27086162 Men Watch

Interestingly, Watch Aficionados are drawn to the vintage-inspired timepieces because it is the design that replicates a cornerstone of great watchmaking. This astonishing edition - True Square skeleton watches certainly brings back memories of old times. The feels it releases are beyond imagination. 

In this article, The Watch Factory will cover this newly designed collection of Swiss watches. The artistic wristwatches not only walk you through a good time but reflect your lifestyle too.

Rado: A globally recognized Swiss watch brand

The brand has made its mark in the 1990s with the overture of a series of black ceramic watches. In that era, its remarkable combination of color, a material with a minimalist design, made this brand stood out from the crowd. These throwback fancies are compelling because the Swiss brand, Rado has always followed one philosophy - “if we can imagine it, we can make it”.

Therefore, Rado, the master of materials, has contributed to its peak in the watch industry and gave origin to a myriad of new inventions.

Marching towards the most advanced technology

Rado watches are popular for both their classic designs and innovative use of materials. 

The true square skeleton models deftly bring together extraordinary ideation with novel materials. Further to this creativity, true square automatic watches are fabricated with fresh technology that gives out fashioned characteristics in vintage look.

Now, it is true that the artistic designs of a mechanical wristwatch have increasingly become a vehicle for personal expression. The watch with a brand, itself reflects a person's character. 

Therefore, True square by Rado is the most creative collection of a modern timepiece to showcase.

True Square skeletonized ceramic watches

For ages, Rado has never been proven to be less in giving out the promising style. Continually, the Swiss brand is following the trend of releasing the collection that is one kind of its own. The true square series is a complete case of artistic, vintage, modern, and dramatic glimpses. 

With Swiss quality guaranteed, Rado proposed skeletonized ceramic watches that truly retaining the luxurious experience.

The Skeleton watches: Style reinvented

We are about to review Skeleton watches as they are fully embraced by the most popular brand, Rado.

Perpetually, skeleton watches appear to inspire us with their open mechanical watch movements. Exposure to internal parts reflects something like transparency. This exposure leads people to intriguing excitement and enjoyment.

Whether you are at professional gatherings or family parties, you must have experienced an 'always on conversation piece' with this exposure watch. When people see it, they talk about it because its power of attraction is strong.

And there are some of the best things about skeleton watches-

After buying the Rado skeleton watch, one does not have to spend further on special maintenance or any scheduled servicing.

For instance, skeleton watches reveal as much of the watch’s interior as possible. Observing bare essentials in front of the eyes is kind of Amazing. This specific collection is widely used by people because the technical “openwork” artistry centers on the watch's inner workings. 

In recent years, True Square skeletonized ceramic watches have marked the forefront in the watch industry. 

Why people should choose luxury watches?

Watches have always been a tremendous gift to mankind. Whether you are looking for yourself or to gift your loved ones, watches are considered to be the most chosen and sensible gift. Here, The Watch Factory has talked about skeleton watches that are crafted with exposure to their fundamental movements. Showcasing of the inner base has now seized the attention of the entire watch industry. The skeleton style reflects super stylish and fashionable trends. Interestingly, the technology it consumes will never disappoint anyone. Thus, chose deluxe watches to add embellishment to the lifestyle.

Moreover, Branded watches have been popularly known for their luxurious features and designs for ages. Hence, select from the top collection of true square watches by Rado.

Words by The Watch Factory

This fully automatic watch collection with an iconic Rado shape is assured to meet what men desire the most on their wrists. Also, it maintains the wearer’s masculinity by attaching the dynamic display on the wrist.

In addition, these high-tech ceramic watches are very comfortable to wear, scratch-resistant, and eye-catcher. 

To order online, four colors of the Rado True Square collection 2021 are available to pick from. People can pick the most desired color as per their specifications. 

Our words are inspired by the taste of women of today's world- They must experience the boldness of these stunning wristwatches. The timepiece reflects how much you are adopting the next level of style. Women can now experience the luxury on their hands.

Life is all about having a good time.” - Miley Cyrus 

Thus, have a good time with the Rado watches.

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